Information on Utah's 2023 tag sale for general any bull units

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Over-the-counter (OTC) tag sales will begin Thursday, July 13, at 8 a.m. MT for the 2023 general season any bull elk permits. Permits can be purchased through any Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) office, at all license agent locations or online.

2023 Changes

For 2023, UDWR has implemented changes to the any bull any legal weapon seasons. Now, two seasons will be offered: an early rifle hunt with a capped number of permits available and a late rifle hunt with no cap on permits.

Tag number and costs

For 2023, the department has made 15,000 permits available for the early season any legal weapon hunt, while the late season hunt will have no permit caps. The 15,000 early rifle permits are available to both residents and nonresidents. Hunters must first possess a valid hunting license before purchasing their general elk permit; however, this can be purchased with your permit at the time of sale.

2023 Utah general elk license fee breakdown


Hunting license (13 and younger)


Hunting license (Age 14 to 17)


$29 (17 and younger)

Hunting license (Age 18 to 64)



Hunting license (65+)


General any bull or spike bull



Multi-season general spike bull



Season dates and research

The general any bull permits are good for any of the any bull units, but season dates will differ depending on the permit you have. 

2023 Utah general any bull season dates


Early any legal weapon

October 7 - 13, 2023

Late any legal weapon

October 14 - 20, 2023

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