Colorado man attacked by cow moose

Photo credit: Dreamstime

A Colorado man is lucky to be alive following a moose attack near Hummingbird Lane in Coal Creek Canyon. The man had been walking his dogs off-leash when he came across the moose and her calf along the creek, according to CBS News.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials report that the moose likely stomped the man in defense. The man was armed and fired shots into the ground to scare the moose away.

“I know when he was walking it was unexpected. I know that he wasn’t even down in the green area, he was up on the walkway and they came out of the green area, the mama charged him,” said neighbor Leisha Grant.

While moose attacks are not as common as other types of animal attacks, cows can be more protective – and aggressive – than bulls in the late spring or summer. Further, moose usually interpret dogs as an added threat, according to CBS News.

“This time of year we do see cow moose in particular becoming more aggressive when they feel like they need to defend their calves,” said Kara Von Hoose, a CPW public information officer.

Grant noted it is common for local residents to carry a gun, “…especially with the amount of wildlife that’s been walking around lately. Just to scare them not shoot them. We don’t want to hurt them, but we don’t want to get hurt.”

Moose attacks can be prevented by moving to an area quickly and placing an object between the person and the animal, according to Van Hoose, as moose can run up to 35 mph. 

“Usually the signs of a moose attack like licking their snout or pinning their ears back. It’s a little late for you to do something because they are so quick,” said Van Hoose


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